Pinocchio’s Library | A Circle of Life

Pinocchio Adventures is not only a story that we all know, it’s an important moral Story that affects lots of children, this Story holds lots of morals and lessons concluding the circle of life that we go through every day.

Studio Name: Roba Youssef Architects
Design Team: Roba Youssef
Area: 9000 m2
Year: 2017
Location: Collodi, Italy
(Project Type : Concept/ Unbuilt/YAC Competition) (Consultants,Photography Credits / NA)

Pinocchio's Library by Roba Youssef Architects - Sheet2
©Roba Youssef Architects

Creating a Full Project mainly based on this story especially a Library Project is a very interesting way to deal with the learning outcomes that we should hold and point out the important facts of this story. In this Project, we should take into consideration the place the Story was created and the same place where the project will be created. The Characters of both Collodi and Pinocchio should be based in the project, as said Pinocchio is Collodi and Collodi is Pinocchio.

Pinocchio's Library by Roba Youssef Architects - Sheet4
©Roba Youssef Architects

In Collodi the Clustered village and land, the nature, the colors, the surroundings, the habitant all those creates the adventure needed, as for Pinocchio I think that the Shift from Puppet to real human is not only found in the story but in our life, we all go through different stages, we all have choices, we can be controlled, lie, keep on mistaken and stay a puppet that can be manipulated or we can move on our mistakes, have control, make choices by ourselves and be strong so we can become a real human, and that only can be achieved by Learning, this is the Power of Education that will lead us to become real human and that what we should teach children and adults about the importance of Education. Pinocchio’s nose that gets long while lying is not only a fun way but it is a Fact, too much lies and mistakes will lead to the blur of our vision so creating elements all over the space that lets Children’s and also adults manipulate it, defines the fact the we are in Control of our words and of our movements whether forward or backward.

Pinocchio's Library by Roba Youssef Architects - Sheet5
©Roba Youssef Architects

While moving them, those elements moves not only in the inside but also in the outside of the main building shell creating important relation between our movements and our surrounding. Elements in the space are random and clustered, portraying movements of life of our action and of Collodi and Pinocchio’s Story Spirit. The interior wall represents several functions related not only to space structure and composition, but also playful expression and movement in space, in addition to that, internal wall are used as library bookshelves, an active, playful and structural bookshelves. Between each active part will be a transparent part relating the surrounding to the Library and creating a connection. A Bridge will be Created Connecting Parking to the Project and associate a relation between both surrounding areas.


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