A high-contrast minimalistic interior was designed by the LINES bureau for a client living in Saint Petersburg and intending to work from home and cook for himself.

Location: Saint Petersburg, residential complex “Royal Park”
Year: 2022
Total area: 88 sq. m.
Style: minimalism with natural materials
Authors: design bureau LINES

Minimalistic Apartment by LINES design - Sheet5
©LINES design

The main focus of the project was to create a spacious living area for guests to be welcomed and a cozy isolated bedroom. Minimalism with contrast of volumes, wood and stone was chosen as the style for the apartment.

The first thing one sees when entering the apartment is a glass partition and a full length mirror; two elements combined visually enlarge the space, making it lighter.

As the client expressed an intention of working from home, it was important to design a convenient workspace. The LINES team embedded the workspace into a niche in the living room, adding a partition and a storage system with illumination and tinted glass as supporting elements.

Minimalistic Apartment by LINES design - Sheet6
©LINES design

In the kitchen-living area, the same color paint is used for both the walls and the ceiling to emphasize the visual unity. Black-and-white cabinets, kitchen island and a porcelain countertop augment the contrast of volumes. Chairs in the kitchen area are upholstered with hessian fabric; lighting fixtures in a shape of cones add to the graphic nature of the interior and simultaneously increase the overall coziness.

The apartment itself has an interesting feature: in both kitchen and bedroom, we can encounter bay windows, which, as shared by the project author Ekaterina Usova, “had to be played off in the interior”. “In the kitchen, we left some space in front of the windows so that while cooking, you could easily approach them. In the bedroom, on the other hand, we used this space as a lounge zone, having put a comfortable armchair there”, – explained Ekaterina.

Minimalistic Apartment by LINES design - Sheet9
©LINES design

The master-bedroom visually differs from the rest of the apartment. The main goal for the room was to create a bright cozy space, and thus, the colors used in the interior are light, mostly pastel, and with little contrast. Wood veneer, used in both the bed’s headboard and the bedside table, became the predominant material in the room. A soft bed frame was chosen for the room to enhance the coziness.

Minimalistic Apartment by LINES design - Sheet3
©LINES design

Kitchen-living room: Island and cabinets – Ballerina Küchen
Countertop of porcelain stoneware – custom-made
Chairs – Cosmorelax
Lamp above the island – Центрсвет

Light – NORDLUX Artist
Bed – custom-made


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