Balinese interior design project for Santai Valencia. A project that mixes the Balinese and Mediterranean styles in an incredible villa surrounded by nature and sensations, creating a unique experience. We highlight how involved the clients have been, they have been the ones who have searched for and selected all the materials.

Studio Name: Ideas Interiorismo Exclusivo SLU
Design Team: The Ideas Interiorismo team.
Area: Commercial interior desgn
Year: 2021
Location: Valencia Spain
Photography Credits: Adrian Mora Maroto

Santai Valencia By Ideas Interiorismo Exclusivo SLU - Sheet
©Adrian Mora Maroto

A villa that is completely open thanks to its large windows. Very bright, fresh and with a constant link with the outside to be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. From the main room, for example, we can enjoy a natural spring.

White walls that provide light and highlight the rest of the elements, usually made of noble materials. Both for the flooring and for most of the furniture, wood has been chosen that gives us warmth and a feeling of comfort that invites rest and relaxation.

In every corner of the villa we find characteristic details. In the bathroom we discover the ocher latticework that separates the shower from the rest of the room. A detail that embellishes the dry stone wall of the shower. The stone sink stands out against the dark wood cabinet. And let’s not forget the black slate flooring that provides elegance and texture.

Santai Valencia By Ideas Interiorismo Exclusivo SLU - Sheet5
©Adrian Mora Maroto

The stone takes center stage in this villa going from the outside to the inside so that we can constantly feel our union with nature. The beds in the rooms are made of bamboo and the fabrics are in light colors, both in bedding and in curtains, to maintain the luminosity of the entire room. This way we create a pleasant atmosphere at any time of the day.

Outside we can enjoy its infinity pool. Made with stones imported from Bali whose ionic properties are used to purify the water and give it a characteristic and pleasant hue. Around it, a landscape that mixes tropical and Mediterranean plants surrounded by mountains.

Santai Valencia By Ideas Interiorismo Exclusivo SLU - Sheet6
©Adrian Mora Maroto

A villa full of small decorative details that, all together, create a bright, calm and relaxing atmosphere. The natural elements are the main protagonists together with the vegetation from the outside that passes into the interior. An interior design project connected to nature.


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