Figuring a new company office is not such an easy excise to solve.

Many variables contribute to the design of a project that doesn’t represent just a place to work, but a place where people spend most of the day.

Project Name: PALMS Headquarters
Architect or Architecture Firm:
KM 429 architettura
Office Website:
Completion Year:
Rescricted competition 2018_FIRST PRIZE
Built Area (m2 or sqft).:
1.000 mq
Project Location:
Simone Bossi

CasaAttiva srl General Contractor
Daku roof
Florim Tile
Windows Veka
External venetian Griesser

Palms Headquarter By KM 429 architettura - Sheet3
©Simone Bossi

This simple observation leads to imagine a building that has to be the extension of the home environment, where you can feel at home among colleagues and friends.

A place of production, but with an aggregative value and capacity.

Palms Headquarter By KM 429 architettura - Sheet5
©Simone Bossi

A beautiful, harmonious, elegant and stimulating environment where you can live. It is from these thoughts that the project of the new company headquarters arises. From the external setting you can understand the importance given to the visual perception, to the green, the routes, and the services offered.

Palms Headquarter By KM 429 architettura - Sheet11
©Simone Bossi

Despite the property has no public access, it has several positive aspects, such as exposure, privacy and the possibility of setting up an easy-to-use road system, and above all the opportunity of guarantee each worker his own personal parking space.

The access system, the relationship with the neighboring building of low architectural quality, the environmental sustainability, the energy efficiency and comfort are the generators of the project.

Palms Headquarter By KM 429 architettura - Sheet13
©Simone Bossi

These last features are already included in the wooden structure, a magnificent material for its ecological, sustainable, versatile and physical characteristics.


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