This stunning project by Freehand Arquitectura is a 300-square-meter luxury apartment in Barrio Salamanca carried for a Mexican investor, who has bought this home as a second vacation home.

Architects: Arenas Basabe Palacios

Area : 53819 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Imagen Subliminal
Manufacturers :  AutoDeskpanoramah!®Alu-StockK-Line FranceVitraCypecadGRATO PARQUETGradhermeticGriesserGrupo OrtizRobert McNeel & Associates
Structural Engineer : CEIDER SL

Claudio Coello By F+H Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Imagen Subliminal

What stands out at first glance about this luxury home is its beautiful mouldings throughout the house that give it that elegant, classic, and exclusive touch that its owner wanted to give to the house. In addition to a hanging steam fireplace that divides the living room and dining room, where we also find a fully panelled open kitchen that invites diners to gather around.

Claudio Coello By F+H Arquitectura - Sheet9
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Art and design are always present in our project. This time, we chose a work of art created by Roberta Lobeira, an oil artist known for her paintings for the Netflix series “La casa de las flores”.

Said author has left her mark on this luxury house, capturing with great colour a work of art representing Spanish and Mexican folk art.

Claudio Coello By F+H Arquitectura - Sheet10
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A small hall, isolated from the rest of the house, covered with mirrors to provide spaciousness and a touch of modernity to give that touch of contrast with the rest of the more classic decoration. We searched that contrast the entrance of this beautiful apartment.

About Freehand Arquitectura:

FREEHAND ARQUITECTURA is a boutique architecture studio that carries out comprehensive sustainable interior design, architecture, decoration and landscaping projects. Its projects extend nationally and internationally, having both Spanish and foreign clients in Spain, as well as investors from the other side of the Atlantic. All of them have FREEHAND ARQUITECTURA for the development of their offices, stores and real estate projects.

Residential projects in the most luxurious areas of Madrid, large offices such as those of the great Mexican investor Terralpa, or those of the Chinese giant Ali Babá in Madrid. Luxury stores such as Bang & Olufsen on Madrid’s golden mile or the fashionable restaurants Iztac Madrid and Barra Cascabel in Lisbon.

It will soon open its doors in the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas, where FREEHAND ARQUITECTURA is designing two new restaurants for chef Julián Mármol, whose current restaurant has a Michelin star.

Founded in Madrid in 2005, FREEHAND ARQUITECTURA it is the balance between respect and provocation. A customized architecture with the highest technical and aesthetic quality, always committed to sustainability. The care for detail, the permeability between interior-exterior in which “everything is one” reveal the perfect balance between the aesthetic and the functional. The result is not only a satisfied customer but also a story and a feeling embodied in the environment.


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