Timesquare III – Office & Residential Tower – 32 Stores + Rooftop + 2 Basements

Design Mission: Facade Design + Interior Design of Lobby & Rooftop

Studio Name: T3 ARCHITECTS
Design Team: Charles GALLAVARDIN (architect), Tereza GALLAVARDIN (architect), Dominique DESMET (architect), Huy NGUYEN THANH (Interior Designer)
Area: 700m2/floor – 32 Stores + Rooftop + 2 Basements
Year: 2019-2022
Location: Phnom Penh
Photography Credits: Perspective views by T3
Other Credits:

Office Tower Cambodia By T3 Architects - Sheet3
©Perspective views by T3
Office Tower Cambodia By T3 Architects - Sheet4
©Perspective views by T3
Office Tower Cambodia By T3 Architects - Sheet6
©Perspective views by T3

T3 Architects Profile:

Abstract about T3 Architects practice written in the third person:

T3 Architects is an international Design Team specialized in sustainable Architecture & contemporary Interior design, having ETHIC as main Value and focusing on 4 fundamentals:


Design buildings where people can live in Harmony with the local environment & Nature, in a healthy way.


Creativity can transform a space into an attractive and unique experience, an experience that stays in our memory.


Knowledge gives us the capability of bringing the functional and the beautiful together in perfect unison.


Meaningful and thoughtful Design creates Harmony between people and the space we live in.


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