In this compelling home, the photographers are the last piece of the puzzle that comes together to narrate the story of the residence; a visually kept story that will never diminish in time. The photographers bind the structure and all aspects of design together whilst giving a unique impression of the space.

Project Name: Modi Residence Jaipur
Studio Name: Studio BluOra

Modi Residence Jaipur By Studio BluOra - Sheet1
©Studio BluOra

The architectural photographer for this project is Gitesh Gupta of Studio BluOra. The Modi Residence in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a luxurious home to the Modis’ reflecting them as individuals. Designed by Design Atelier, the salient features of the interior integrate with the functions to give a wholesome experience of the space.

Photography doesn’t just happen, it’s a process of planning to create a visual narrative of the space. And we are on a constant endeavour to tell the story of the project to the audience as we move through the spaces.

Modi Residence Jaipur By Studio BluOra - Sheet3
©Studio BluOra

Let’s peek behind the curtains into the living room of this elegant interior project. In this project, we tried to seamlessly capture the entire space through zoomed-in shots, focusing on details and layering of foreground against the background. The entire project took two days to photograph, in an effort to bring light and mood into the interiors whilst capturing the essence of the residence. Photography helps highlight the moods of the interior spaces, where the bedroom depicts sophistication, the bathroom style, and the living room grandeur.

Modi Residence Jaipur By Studio BluOra - Sheet4
©Studio BluOra

A conscious effort was made to highlight the material and textures, capture the finer details and seize the spirit of the place. The project left a lasting impression on us at the first sight, making the elegantly designed dining room encompassing a beautiful artwork as the central point. Lots of pre-planning was involved to create a seamless visual narrative of the space, starting from the master bedroom all the way towards the puja room. Photographing the feeling of the space involved decluttering the spaces, styling the interiors, and getting in natural light. The task would get even more complicated when the home was already inhabited by the users and needed de-cluttering to attain perfect frames.

Modi Residence Jaipur By Studio BluOra - Sheet5
©Studio BluOra

The living room embodies an extravagant chandelier with gold leafing on the ceiling. The magnificent use of stone, which is the highlight of the interiors is tried to be elevated through the photography. The overlapping of materials and textures against the finishes and panelling intrigued our eyes, and we tried to emphasize this mix of materials used in the interior. All was an effort to bring rhythm to the interior spaces.

©Studio BluOra

Photography is our avenue to depict the sensibility of design to the viewers, through still images. Being architects turned photographers, we are on a constant outlook to capture the story of the space and speak volumes through the photographs.


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