Architectural practice is the primary means by which architecture is created. Starting one’s own practice comes with many new opportunities, experiences, as well as challenges. The growth of any business is necessary for its longevity, and in the case of architectural practice, it helps build a good collection of people who contribute in some way to society. In the beginning, a company grows organically, but over a period of time, the momentum might get slowed down. In order to keep growing, you will need an unwavering plan that is scaled, adjusted, and adapted to ensure expansion.

Additionally, there are a few ways to make it better and help your company move in the proper direction. Here are some reasons.

1. Are you keeping up with the developments in the field? | Architecture Practice

Architecture, as we can see today, is changing every day. From growing developments in construction technology to drawing and modelling software, from the urgent need for sustainable architecture to building in the metaverse, one sees something new every day. It is important to be updated with the latest happenings in the field and how it affects the type of services that your company provides. This could also help you better understand the working of the market as well as provide the most current solutions to your clients, which in turn increases their trust in your services.

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Virtual architecture or spaces in the ‘metaverse’ is one of the latest developments in the field_©

Throughout their careers, many practitioners and their employees keep up with their education to stay current on the latest techniques in their field. Keep your staff and yourself up-to-date with the current educational opportunities relevant to your area of expertise. 

2. Do you maintain your professional relationships?

Any business requires one to establish and maintain connections in and across the field. The importance of networking is one that cannot be overlooked when it comes to conducting business and developing a company. Maintaining good relationships with clients can not only help them become more involved in the project but also give them a reason to return to your company again in the future

In the field of architecture especially, a complete process happens for every project, which involves a variety of professionals, from the structural engineer and services consultants to the contractors and material providers. Having a good rapport with these collective professionals you always work with will not only help you work better but also make your own circle in the industry where you have people you can trust and offer the same for them in turn. It is of predominant importance for you to make yourself be seen in the industry in which you work, which may be the opportunity to meet people who are in desperate need of your services. Hence, it is wise to set some time aside to attend popular events that are architecture-related in your area, to make your presence known to others in the field.

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Architecture involves the contribution of a variety of professionals like structural engineers_©

3. Lack of awareness of the market | Architecture Practice

A budding architecture practice should have a detailed know-how of the market around their area of service. From the most in-demand contractors, material availability and rates to the latest trends in design and construction, the happenings in the industry affect your clientele as well as their requirements and how you cater to them. Understanding the industry that you operate in can allow you to connect with clients better and secure the right projects. The market dynamics also affect the financial aspect of one’s business. It also helps you to understand the needs of the other stakeholders and consultants better, ensuring that these collaborative partnerships will run a lot more smoothly and in turn, develop good relationships.

4. You are in need of better marketing strategies

Like any other business, making yourself known to as many people as possible is an absolute must. A good marketing policy can increase interest in the field in your practice, help you establish a good network, and make you known to newer customers and collaborators. The essential marketing gateways today are social media platforms through which one can create content, which, when creatively managed, can in itself become an identity for your firm. Don’t you think it is impossible to gain new customers and sales if they aren’t aware of where to look for you? 

You can showcase your past projects creatively and efficiently, which gives an idea about your work to newer customers and fellow practitioners. By getting noticed, you can also get bigger and better opportunities and build a stronger network. Also, focusing on customer feedback is important and helps develop the client-architect relationship and can help in word to mouth publicity. These things can help your business grow and reach its maximum potential.

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Marketing involves a variety of aspects and mediums_©
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BIG has a unique website design which immediately gets one’s attention_©

5. Are you trying to better your strengths? | Architecture Practice

When an architectural practice is established, one is confident in their specialities and what they can do best. What are you good at becomes an important gateway for bringing in newer clients who would have needs which require your specific skill. Rather than just keeping these skills for the first time, make them better and acquire new skills. Advertising this expertise and developing it to create your own niche in the market helps you increase your demand for that particular type of design.

6. Lack of proper organization

Running an architecture practice is a long race. It takes many years of countless hours of dedication and thorough planning to create a business that can grow sustainably and withstand challenges. Starting work on new projects while handling the daily activities of a company requires talent, skill, teamwork, an effective business plan and smart organization. Particularly for scaling up the practice, it is apparent that architecture is an industry in which technical knowledge, management, and business understanding are as vital as good design. Creating efficient management, assigning specific roles to individuals and establishing a consistent flow of work are crucial to this organization of architectural practice.

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Better organization on a smaller level creates a better larger picture_©

7. You are in pursuit of a better team

Architecture is a teamwork-based profession, and it is never that one and the only person who can make it work in a team. The collective of professionals, who bring something unique and substantial to the table greatly improves the quality of work the practice delivers and can bring it down vice-versa. In the case of an architectural firm with multiple employees, having an efficient team of a few people can often be better than having a greater number of people who are not able to contribute to their full potential. This also cuts down unnecessary expenses required for hiring more people. A good collective of designers and other stakeholders can help build better experiences in handling projects where everyone has an assigned role. 

8. Inefficient utilization of resources

An architect doesn’t just need physical space and a handful of computers to make their dream come true. It is necessary to have solid architectural skills, a strong vision and, most importantly, some money to fall back on when buying office space and equipment. While running an architectural firm, it is very crucial to coordinate the resources. The physical space required for the office, managing the team and clients, as well as the technological assets which contribute to the services you provide should be such that they are efficiently utilized. For this, the firm should analyze its working system, and how and what it needs in tandem with the work it can provide. One can save a lot of time and money spent on unnecessary resources and can make room for essential facilities.

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Architectural work involves using a wide variety of resources_Courtesy of Shutterstock / © Tetiana Yurchenko_©

9. Not going out of your comfort zone

One of the most difficult things for practitioners to do is to take a new challenge and step outside of their comfort zone. There could be something your company is known for being established in, but hesitate on taking up something different. If you can see that it is a rare chance for you to show your worth, the step taken can be beneficial. Grabbing that new opportunity could be an important step for your future and the challenge could at the same time help you learn something new. Sometimes we discover things we are really good at when we explore and broaden our horizons, giving way to newer ideas and prospects.

10. Have you set clear goals to achieve? | Architecture Practice

The decision to start your own practice often starts from an eventual wish to achieve a certain milestone. It is important to always keep in sight the goal towards which you want to take your business. In the case of a team, it creates excitement through anticipating the possibilities in which it could grow and then working to create one of those scenarios to come true. It could start from a smaller goal, like taking projects of a bigger scale or from a different city than usual. Once you have a goal in mind, you can develop strategies leading toward it and work on it while keeping in check if you are on the right track. Achieving one of your goals can be an important milestone for you and a great moment to celebrate!



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