The advent of technology serves not only to allow ease of use and reduce effort, but also to enhance the sensorial experience of the user. We are constantly surrounded by manicured environments in our everyday lives, whether that is in our workplace or recreational zones. A core aspect of these environments is a well-designed interface. Some of the leading platforms employ subtle devices which influence how the user of the product or platform perceives them. 

User experience (UX) refers to the interaction a user has with any product or service. UX design considers every element that shapes the story of a particular product. It accounts for how the user feels, and the ease with which the user is able to accomplish their desired tasks. This may include aspects such as the tangible experience of the product and how straightforward the checkout process is when buying the product online. 

The goal of UX design is to create ease in usability and produce performance systems which run efficiently. It does so while being relevant and providing the user with an all-round pleasant experience. By creating the ideal experience, the company producing the product garners attention and increases its stakeholders.

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Understanding UX

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” — Don Norman, Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect.

As such, UX can involve a wide variety of products and services. For example, it can be about the design involved in a museum exhibition. However, generally, the term user experience design is used in the context of websites, web applications and other software applications. With the advent of the internet age and technology becoming increasingly complex, the functionality of applications and websites has come to include broader ranges and far more intricate aspects of everyday life. 

Earlier, websites were simply static pages that served information. Only curious searchers sought out information and benefited from them. A few decades later, what we can find in abundance today, are sites that are interactive and offer a much richer feel for users.

The role of a UX designer is to investigate and analyze how users feel and respond to the products he or she offers them. The designers then apply this knowledge to develop the product in order to ensure that the user has the best possible experience with the product. They conduct extensive research, surveying different types of users and considering various aspects. Then they analyze their findings, inform other members of the development team of the data collected, draw inferences and monitor development projects to ensure the required changes are implemented.

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Colleges offering UX Degrees in and around India

Today, UX Design is a growing and trending career choice for students and professionals. It is the excitement of exploration and fostering creativity that draws people to taking design as a career option. But the discipline is still in its budding years, with few courses and only a couple of colleges and institutes offering a proper degree for UX Design. One of the reasons why this course is not the most sought after is because it can be quite heavy on the pocket. Nevertheless, some of the top institutes in which enthusiastic individuals can enroll to fulfill their design dreams in India are:

1. NID – Ahmedabad

It offers product design, information design, interaction design and new media design degrees. NID is one of the foremost institutions in the country with state of the art facilities and a widely acclaimed portfolio of work.

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2. NID – Gandhinagar

The Gandhinagar campus offers a full time residential program across seven disciplines which are: Apparel Design, New Media Design, Automobile and Transport Design, Toy and Game Design, Strategic Design Management, Photography Design and Lifestyle Accessory Design.

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3. NID – Bangalore

The Bangalore Campus located in Yeshwanthpur offers M.Des programmes in design for Retail Experience, Digital Game Design, Information, Interaction and Universal Design.

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4. IDC (Industrial Design Centre) – IIT Bombay

The campus of IDC is like a small township. It has retained and increased its green cover, rich in natural flora and fauna. It offers B.Des, M.Des and Phd degrees across multiple disciplines.

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5. SID – Pune

Symbiosis Institute of Design offers courses in Communication (which includes UX Design, video film, graphic and animation design), Fashion, Fashion Communication and Industrial Design. Through the course, students are trained to visualize and understand aesthetics including the look and feel of interface design. In terms of placement statistics, SID Alumni have landed in several  reputed corporate business houses and renowned design studios.

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6. NIFT – New Delhi

One of the premier institutions in the country, NIFT offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in multiple disciplines. The UG courses include Accessory, Fashion, Fashion Technology, Leather, Textile and Knitwear design. Among the options for PG courses, there are the M.Des(general) programme, Master of Fashion Management and Master of Fashion Technology.

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7. DOD (Department of Design) – IIT Guwahati

This scenic institute is situated in North Guwahati, Assam, on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. It is located amidst breathtaking natural beauty and serenity.

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8. Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), IISc- Bangalore

IISC Bangalore is one of the top institutions in the world that specialise in training development of hardware products and manufacturing systems. The core competence of CPDM lies in fusing research into design and manufacturing.IISC offers a 2-year M.Des programme to train students to conceptualize products that satisfy societal needs considering various parameters.

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9. MAEER’s Institute of Design – Pune

The Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER) aims to create and develop professional education facilities to train the aspiring young generation. The institute offers a wide range of courses including Graphic design, Animation design, Retail and Transcultural Design. They offer B.Des and M.Des degrees in UX Design exclusively as well.

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10. NICC – International College of Design and Visual Arts – Bangalore

The college offers specialized UI and UX courses. At the UG level, they offer Communication design, Product design and Visual Arts courses, while at the PG level, the courses include photography and cinematography, interior design and communication design.

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11. Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai

ISDI is located in the buzzing and dynamic coastal city of Mumbai, offering a series of globally benchmarked programs for students across the disciplines of fashion, interior, product and communication design.

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12. Arena Multimedia – Bangalore

Classes in this UI-UX design course are two hours long and are held three times a week. The course duration is 11 months. Topics covered include interesting subjects such as Information Architecture and Usability Testing, as well as focusing on developing student’s abilities. They are constantly up to date with the latest industry-specific software, which is a valuable asset.

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13. Chitkara School of Art and Design – Chandigarh

Located on the Chandigarh-Patiala Highway, Chitkara offers a 4 year B.Des degree in UX Design among other design courses such as Product and Animation Design. The classes take place in spacious, amphitheatre-style classrooms.Chitkara University graduates are offered 100% placement assistance with the UX program. 

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14. Asian Institute of Design – Bangalore

This institute offers a diploma in UI and UX Design which can be pursued online or on campus. There are 4 batches in a year: Jan, April, July and October every year. 

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15. Avantika University – Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Avantika University is known for offering an in-depth Digital Experience Design course that is focused on the notions, methods, and strategies of information design, visual design and interaction design. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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UX design is a constantly evolving field that attracts fresh talent – There’s no age too late to start learning it! Some of the companies that hire UX Designers include Amazon, MakeMyTrip and Netflix. People with an understanding of psychology or graphic design are particularly suited to cross over into UX design. The reality however is that people from eclectic industries can bring forth their ideas and draw inspiration from their own experiences to offer a fresh perspective to the role of a UX designer.

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