An exploration and assertion of intertwined cuboidal sensibility that administers cohesiveness in a family in terms of its spatial interaction and lifestyle. Aashirwad Residence in Lucknow is an artistic and smart solution to the aspirations of an effluent joint family, which functions both as a single entity and as parts that are put together to create a whole. The edifice is a representation of an architectural philosophy that ties the indoor and the outdoor spaces in continuous thread. The outdoor living spaces of the house not just connect with the indoor spaces of the floor but have an overall relationship with common areas on all floors.

Project Name: Aashirwad Residence
Studio Name:
42MM Architecture
Site Area: 1000 sq yards
Built Up: 21000 sqft
Location: Lucknow
Photography: 42MM Architecture

Aashirwad Residence by 42MM Architecture - Sheet1
Living Room ©42MM Architecture

The unique quality about the Aashirwad residence is that there is a joyful play of elements on the façade which have been creatively strung together with the help of just one concrete portal. This leads to an inspiring fusion of concrete with wood creating a vivid memory even for someone who sees this marvel for a fraction of a second. The linearity of the concrete portal is accentuated by the use of long strip lighting which seems to walk with you while you move. Proper lighting of the internal spaces subtly brings out the intricacy of the elements used on the external façade which makes the viewer inquisitive about the kind of space behind the designed element.

Aashirwad Residence by 42MM Architecture - Sheet2
Bedroom ©42MM Architecture

This design is massive yet intricate, bold yet subtle and everything you have ever wanted but like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Adorned with a beautiful sloping garden leading to a sunkencourtyard, with water bodies and green walls, the feel of experiencing the space is so transformational, that its impact lingers.

Aashirwad Residence by 42MM Architecture - Sheet3
Dining Space ©42MM Architecture

The interiors represent minimalistic style. The surfaces are left pure and accessorised with a layer of art. The Elevation and the external finishes of the house are represented in the internal finishes. Materials used are exposed concrete, leather, untreated wood, stone and metal. The composition is a non conformiststylisation where everything when put together has a soul, nothing feels out of place or monotonous. The interiors of the house are a representation of the fact that the house is architecturally complete as a whole. Each ingredient of the house is tailored to form a part of a larger story that is the reflection of the aspirations, interests and lifestyle of its inhabitants.


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