21. Emporio Armani Caffe and Ristorante | Coffee Shops Interiors

Location: Milan, Italy
Website: https://www.armani.com/restaurant/en/restaurant/emporioarmani-caffe-milan/
Architecture: https://www.wallpaper.com/travel/italy/milan/restaurants/emporio-armani-caff-ristorante

Fashion meets interior design in this lavish space designed by the boss himself. Set on the ground floor of the brand’s retail headquarters the café takes on a contemporary style inspired by the 1930’s period in which the historic building dates back to. 

The colours and décor elements express a contemporary style in a warm and refined atmosphere with the design centred around a ribbon of pale gold that runs from the wood bar to coffee counter and up to the restaurant dining. Soft-touch walls are upholstered in a steely-blue tone with a leather-like fabric. Much like his fashion pieces and perfume brands this space is set with muted tones, clean lines, and exquisite materials. 

Emporio Armani Caffe and Ristorante - Sheet1
Muted blue tones with oak wood and gold tones to add a certain sophistication to the space. ©www.armani.com
Emporio Armani Caffe and Ristorante - Sheet2
Contemporary take on a 1930’s building theme. ©www.armani.com

22. Café OOO

Location: Seogwipo, South Korea
Website: https://www.frameweb.com/project/31287123
Architecture: https://restaurantandbardesignawards.com/entries/10164#

This coffee shop interior brings to life the intangible aspects of the natural environment of Jeju like the wind, rocks, and light. The space allows users to interact with nature while also infusing traditional and regional sentiments. On entry, the customer faces a fabric object on the ceiling that shares tidal patterns of the ocean whilst working as an interesting light feature. 

Cross ventilation in the space is achieved with the south and north windows that have a yarn-like material to allow a breeze through the space. The materials in the space take on an earthy palette to realize the indoor-outdoor concept. 

Café OOO - Sheet1
Ceiling fabric takes on tidal ocean wave patterns. ©www.nonepsace.com
Café OOO - Sheet2
Dark interior is matched with marble tiles and concrete seating that faces the ocean views. ©www.nonepsace.com
Café OOO - Sheet3
Interior is designed with a courtyard garden to allow natural light into the space. ©www.nonepsace.com

23. Sawo coffee and Roastery | Coffee Shops Interiors

Location: Kecamatan Sumur Bandung, Indonesia
Website: NA
Architecture: https://www.arch2o.com/sawo-coffee-roastery-oi-architect/

The coffee shop façade is inset to allow visitors to take a moment of pause. They are then drawn in by the coffee shop interior that can easily be admired through the transparent glass. 

The entrance is designed with a dry garden walkway to guide occupants into space. The interior takes on a minimalist approach with grey and white tones balanced with the warm wood elements to give the space a homely feel. 

Coffee Shops Interiors
The entrance to the coffee shop is set off the street frontage. ©Kie
Coffee Shops Interiors
The building has a picturesque window that allows customers to glance at  baristas working. ©Yujie Liu
Coffee Shops Interiors
Dry garden gravel to guide customers into the space. ©Kie

24. Metal Hands coffee 

Location: Beijing China
Website: https://worldarchitecture.org/article-links/eenpz/linkchance-architects-creates-coffee-store-and-art-studio-with-golden-metallic-interiors-in-beijing.html
Architecture: https://www.archdaily.com/935204/metal-hands-coffee-renovation-linkchance-architects?ad_medium=gallery

The coffee shop takes visitors on a whole roller coaster of time and place. The coffee shop not only aims to please clientele with its complicated interior but provide a space for exhibition, innovation and creativity for the Metal Hands coffee company. Each of the spaces takes on a different floor to ceiling height making users aware of their sense of place. 

The factory area consists of a see-through roastery room for clients to observe and interact with baristas and surrounded by an irregular shaped low concrete bar counter for the customers. The piping works above also take on this shape and adds an interesting dynamic to the space. The factory area leads to an old-time theme room that is accessed through a “time tunnel”. The café takes on a unique industrial theme that combines time and place. 

Coffee Shops Interiors
The factory area is characterised by a curvature concrete bar and metal pipes. ©Weiqi Jin
Coffee Shops Interiors
Time travel passage lined with rounded copper metal pipes. ©Weiqi Jin
Coffee Shops Interiors
The old times themed room decorated with vintage pieces. ©Weiqi Jin

25. Coffee Shop | Coffee Shops Interiors

Location: Kodagu, India
Website: https://www.playgroupstudio.com/projectcoffee.html
Architecture:  https://www.archdaily.com/882024/coffee-shop-playgroup-studio-plus-ahcpl?ad_medium=gallery

This coffee shop takes on a sacred space theme, by having the building interacting with the serene landscape. The interior uses an old existing demolished concrete block found on-site as its plinth and adds a flying roof to emphasize the dramatic views towards the man-made lake. 

The concrete roof appears to rest on the glass façade that envelopes the coffee shop pavilion. The interior floor is laid in a woven pattern with ‘mandana’- a local stone. The space enhances the natural beauty of the area by incorporating elements in their bare form.  

Coffee Shops Interiors
Local stone designed in a basket weave pattern. ©Harsh Patel
Coffee Shops Interiors
Design allows expansive views into the lake. ©Harsh Patel
Coffee Shops Interiors
Limited seating capacity to allow for contemplation of space. ©Harsh Patel

26. MUA coffee shop

Location: My An, Vietnam
Website: NA
Architecture: https://www.arch2o.com/mua-coffee-shop-85-design/

The coffee shop design was meant to bring about a new perception of steel buildings in Vietnam to be fun and exciting. The space is airy and bright and allows customers to appreciate the materials used in construction. 

The space is designed based on the analysis of Vietnamese street sidewalks and offers shaded spaces that are well ventilated and lighted. The atriums are filled with overhanging light lamps and plant boxes to provide an evaporative cooling effect. 

Coffee Shops Interiors
Steel building conceived as a fun playful space. ©Huu Dung
Coffee Shops Interiors
Lighting fixtures and planter boxes are intertwined to create artistic feature. ©Huu Dung
Coffee Shops Interiors
Space is well aerated and is flooded with daylight. ©Huu Dung

27. Sidecar doughnuts and coffee 

Locations: Del Mar, USA
Website: https://sidecardoughnuts.com/locations/ 
Architecture: https://www.archdaily.com/941925/sidecar-doughnuts-and-coffee-fleetwood-fernandez-architects?ad_medium=gallery

This doughnut coffee shop takes on the doughnut ring theme to create a space embodied with soft curves and playful geometries. The material palette is kept simple with sun-bleached white oak wood, white terrazzo mixture infused with mother of pearl and marble chips along with a brushed brass detail. 

Coffee Shops Interiors
Doughnut ring theme allows for the influence of curves in the space. ©Benny Chan
Coffee Shops Interiors
Simple material palette of oak wood and marble chips. ©Benny Chan
Coffee Shops Interiors
Material palettes are enhanced with brass lighting fixtures. ©Benny Chan

28. Stock coffee | Coffee Shops Interiors

Location: Nis, Serbia
Website: https://arhitekturabudjevac.com/portfolio-item/stock-coffee/
Architecture: https://homeworlddesign.com/stock-coffee-by-arhitektura-budjevac/

The coffee shop interior consists of two spaces arranged on top of each other and connected by an atrium. The main work of art is the wall backdrop that spans the entire coffee shop and is designed as a blackboard with hand-drawn artist works by a local artist. 

The colour palette takes on a monochromatic scheme of black and white and accentuated with pops of light-colored wood furniture pieces. The furniture is designed to give the coffee shop a relaxed feel. In the Instagram era of bathroom selfies, catchy writings are found on the bathroom mirrors. 

Coffee Shops Interiors
Black and white monochrome theme contrasted with light woods. ©Andreja Budjevac
Coffee Shops Interiors
The blackboard wall is decorated with funny artsy drawings. ©Andreja Budjevac
Coffee Shops Interiors
Leather black seats and matched with Euro style palettes. ©Andreja Budjevac

29. Origo Coffee Shop 

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Website: https://origocoffee.ro
Architecture: https://www.archdaily.com/370493/origo-coffee-shop-lama-arhitectura?ad_medium=gallery

This coffee shop interior in Romania lets coffee be the star of the show. It creates an atmosphere of contrasts with wood and metals as well as balancing dark grey tones with light. Much of the interior décor, though contrasted with dark shades, have light illuminating from the ceiling and accentuating vintage elements within the space.  

The main element of the space is the huge metal corten steel and oak countertop enhanced with a cup installation floating above. The lighting fixtures throughout the space are adopted from a coffee cup and plate.  

Coffee Shops Interiors
Dark interior is illuminated with overhead lighting. ©Radu Malasincu
Coffee Shops Interiors
The customer seating is also fixed with a playful take on coffee cup lighting. ©Radu Malasincu
The cafe takes on a concentric form from the counter and bar seating. ©Yujie Liu
The bar counter can be jacked up to different elevations. ©Radu Malasincu

30. Basic Coffee | Coffee Shops Interiors

Location: Beijing, China
Website: https://worldarchitecture.org/article-links/egevf/office-aio-designs-cafe-with-pink-and-artistic-interiors-in-a-renovated-historic-building-in-beijing.html
Architecture: https://www.dezeen.com/2019/11/14/basic-coffee-beijing-cafe-office-aio-interiors/

This pink-hued coffee shop interior has been designed to focus on the ‘orchestrated movements’ of drinking coffee as opposed to making it. The design allows framed vignettes of customers enjoying their coffee and allows one to focus their sensory experiences since they cannot see the barista making the coffee. 

The café plan takes on a concentric form and as such repetitive curve elements are experienced throughout the space. Pastel shades of pink and lilac give a dreamy, light-hearted feel whilst keeping furniture and décor to a minimum. The space is set to subtly evoke senses while customers enjoy their coffee. 

The cafe takes on a concentric form from the counter and bar seating. ©Yujie Liu
The cafe takes on a concentric form from the counter and bar seating. ©Yujie Liu
Coffee Shops Interiors
The space is adorned in pink hues. ©Yujie Liu
Coffee Shops Interiors
The building has a picturesque window that allows customers to glance at  baristas working. ©Yujie Liu
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