Recently, no other car manufacturing company is gaining attention as Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors, Inc. The Company, based in Silicon Valley, USA, is escalating the world’s transition to green and sustainable technology without compromising its performance. 

Founded in 2003, the company’s name is a tribute to the great inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla. The company design, manufacture and sell the world’s most efficient solar technology, energy storage systems, and electric-powered vehicles. These services allow customers the opportunity to generate and consume energy in a more sustainable means. 

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Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, USA ©en.wikipedia.orgwiki

In 2008, It raised a few eyebrows when they introduced the world’s first fully electric sports car, Tesla Roadster. According to Elon Musk, the company CEO, it aims to assist the world in a sustainable and energy-efficient transportation system, through electric vehicles and solar energy. 

But here are 10 things you might not know about Tesla Inc.

1. Tesla makes more than Cars | Tesla

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Solar panels designed by Tesla ©
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Tesla’s Powerwall – a battery which stores energy as a backup to the buildings ©

As ironic to the name, Tesla Motor Company, the company has been more evolved to make more than fine, energy-efficient automobiles. It believes to create a sustainable energy ecosystem and hence also manufactures various unique energy-saving solutions like low-cost Solar Roofs, Powerwall, Powerpack, thus enabling the users to manage renewable energy generation and consumption. These inventions require only solar energy for recharging home appliances.

2. Electric SUV – Tesla’s Next Move

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Model X by Tesla ©

We all know that Sports Utility Vehicles or commonly known as SUVs are notorious gas consumers – the worst reprobates when it comes to fossil fuels. Tesla Motors is proposing a challenging transformation that brings in the all-electric SUV. 

Model X, the prototype of the proposed electric SUV, is a seven-seater with gullwing doors and uses a single battery for travelling.

3. Insanely Safe Design

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Tesla’s Model S ©tesla.commodels

It has constantly received high appreciation for its safety factor from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At a point, Tesla S was considered to be the safest in the market. The notable points which make Model S the safest are its ‘virtually indestructible and they are near impossible to tip over because of its heavy batteries’. The model has broken several of the safety test equipment as it is so resilient. 

Elon Musk and the other engineers want to revolutionize the automobile industry with not only energy efficiency but also with safety occupants. 

4. No Maintenance?

The cars designed by Tesla require almost no maintenance. This is a surprising element considering their electric engines and other progressive technology. The batteries are so advanced and durable that they do not require to be changed during their lifetime. It is believed that the car is “rock solid” and the only parts which may need to be changed are the windshield, wiper blades, and tyres. 

5. Largest Battery Factory | Tesla

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Tesla Gigafactory at Nevada ©

As the demand for Tesla’s automobile is rushing, the company has decided to build the world’s largest battery factory which is also said to be one of the biggest buildings on the planet. 

Out in the desert of California, the 5.8 million square feet factory is to be set up to produce batteries for its electric vehicles. It is said that the company will make enough batteries to power up 500,000 electric cars per year. 

6. Supercharger

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Superchargers are charging stations used for charging Tesla’s electric vehicles set up throughout the country by the company. As the name indicates, superchargers when compared to regular car chargers, fuel up a vehicle faster. They are highly popular among long road trips.

7. A Tesla Never Sleeps

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It never sleeps. It is similar to your laptop when put in sleep. It’s asleep but still operative. No car is an exception to this factor. The main reason for this is to receive overnight software updating so the owner doesn’t have to visit the maintenance centre.

8. Falcon Doors – A con?

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As cool it seems, the Falcon doors have caused various complications for both parties. Initially, the company faced many restrictions to incorporate these doors into the models.

It was reported that a customer got stuck inside the car as the doors failed to operate.

9. Tesla and Bankruptcy 


It has burned many incomes and on several occasions came close to bankruptcy. It was admitted by Elon Musk that the company was about to go into debt in 2013. 

However, Tesla motors found a silver lining each time and raised cash to stay afloat. This was one of the major positive points of Tesla company as many other famous companies such as Google tried to take over it.

10. Elon Musk is not the Real Founder | Tesla


Despite his commendable leadership, Elon Musk is not the real founder of Tesla Inc. the original founder of this car manufacturing company are Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who founded the company in July 2003 with a vision to change the present scenario faced by the industry while using fossil fuels. They aimed to bring in green cars. 

In 2014, due to financial insecurities, the company was handed over to Elon Musk who made the company successful in a short period of time. Known as the Architect of the future, Elon Musk is believed to take the company to soar heights.



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