A master of geometric patterns in black and white, Richard Meier is a quintessential abstract artist and architect. He is a Pritzker prize laureate who, in 1963 went on to be the founder of Richard Meier & Partners. In the field for more than five decades, Richard Meier & Partners has completed over 130 projects across the globe. The high-end works have been honored with almost 300 design awards, one being the prestigious awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Here are the best-known works by this reputed firm:

1. Smith House

Location: Darien, Connecticut
Year: 1965 – 1967

Constructed over the Connecticut coast, on a one-and-a-half-acre site, the spatial organization of this house focuses on a functional separation between public and private areas. The façade appears as solid slabs held fast together with white mullions of glass shell covering.

Smith House - sheet1
Smith House - sheet2
Smith House - sheet3

2. The Getty Center

Location: Los Angeles, California
Year: 1984 – 1997

A 110 – acre hilly site on the south of the Santa Monica Mountains, The Getty center comprises Buildings along two ridges in the topography. The building consists of a humongous library, an auditorium, small pavilion buildings, a small exhibition space, and a workplace for staff.

The Getty Center - sheet1
The Getty Center - sheet2
The Getty Center - sheet3

3. United States Courthouse, Islip

Location: Islip, New York
Year: 1993 – 2000

A new style of a civic institution is this federal courthouse with dramatic views over the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape design comprehends the formal building with rectilinear planting of trees. This civic complex is intricately layered in two wings, one has judge’s rooms, courtrooms and the other has a 12-story atrium and public corridors.

United States Courthouse, Islip - sheet1
United States Courthouse, Islip - sheet2
United States Courthouse, Islip - sheet3

4. Jubilee Church

Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 1996 – 2003

The Jubilee Church is an initiative to rejuvenate congregated life in Italy. Built on a triangular site, the entire built form is based on an array of squares and circles, each forming various parts of the nave. The interplay of the various patterns of light and shade defines the character of the inner volume of the church which consists of liturgical furniture and a waterbody to symbolize baptism.

Jubilee Church - sheet3
Jubilee Church - sheet1
Jubilee Church - sheet2

5. Cittadella Bridge

Location: Alessandria, Italy
Year: 1996 – 2017

A 70-foot high bowstring arch carrying both spans of the bridge is curved to the south to counterbalance the vehicular roadbed as well as it enhances the natural flow of the river. The Design is integrated into the adjacent Piazza Gobetti.

Cittadella Bridge - sheet1
Cittadella Bridge - sheet2
Cittadella Bridge - sheet3

6. Arp Museum

Location: Rolandseck, Germany
Year: 2002 – 2007

The Arp Museum showcases the work of the Dadaist master Hans Arp. One of the astounding features of this region is the series of medieval castles stretched over the banks of the river Rhine. The main gateway to this romantic architecture is at the lowest level of the old village’s railway station, further smoothly transcends into tunnels and modulated shafts and burrows through the mountain leading to the museum building.

Arp Museum - sheet1
Arp Museum - sheet2
Arp Museum - sheet3


7. Gagosian Gallery Expansion

Location: Beverly Hills, California
Year: 2008 – 2010

Molded out of an existing wood barrel vault roof, it is a retail gallery space. It utilizes skylights to balance daylight. It has a single 225 SF glass and aluminum door at the entrance that allows oversized artwork to be unloaded directly into the gallery and allows exhibit space to open to the active sidewalk.

Gagosian Gallery Expansion - sheet1
Gagosian Gallery Expansion - sheet2
Gagosian Gallery Expansion - sheet3

8. Engel & Völkers Headquarters and Apartments

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Year: 2012 – 2019

The 16 story ensemble contains a multiplicity of different functional spaces such as apartments, training academy, and retail spaces. The courtyard type of construction, with an atrium as central circulation, enables a light-flooded interior, balancing transparency and natural light with panoramic views of the Elbe River, and the city port.

Engel & Völkers Headquarters and Apartments - sheet1
Engel & Völkers Headquarters and Apartments - sheet2
Engel & Völkers Headquarters and Apartments - sheet3

9. 685 First Avenue

Location: New York, New York
Year: 2015 – 2019

The 42-story, 460-foot high residential tower provides a panoramic view of the New York City riverfront. Minimalistic in form, the theme of ‘façade as skin,’ is fulfilled by a taut curtain wall with selective metal panels in the form of balconies, canopies, and corners.

685 First Avenue - sheet1
685 First Avenue - sheet2
685 First Avenue - sheet3

10. JEI Commercial Building

Location: Gangnam, South Korea
Year: 2017 – 2023

The concept of “Urban Garden” is practically achieved in a dynamic city. Courtyards, terraces, provide tranquil spaces for the public. Although the building is visually modest in proportion to the surroundings, one can find dramatic spaces inside. The architectural features are integrated with well-planned landscape and lighting.

JEI Commercial Building - sheet1
JEI Commercial Building - sheet2
JEI Commercial Building - sheet3

 11. Torre Cuarzo on Reforma

 Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2012 – 2018

In collaboration with Diametro Arquitectos, it is a mixed-use complex project. It was an initiative to maintain the rich architectural legacy of the cultural and commercial center of Latin America, Mexico City.

Torre Cuarzo on Reforma - sheet1
Torre Cuarzo on Reforma - sheet2
Torre Cuarzo on Reforma - sheet3

12. The Surf Club

Location: Surfside, Florida
Year: 2012 – 2018

Expanding the existing Surf Club, is a 9-acre property on the Atlantic Ocean in Surfside, Florida, is a private membership club. The entire ensemble of the complex centers surrounding the historic Surf Club.

The Surf Club - sheet2
The Surf Club - sheet1
The Surf Club - sheet3

13. 1 Waterline Square

Location: New York, New York
Year: 2014 – 2019

Along the Hudson River Waterfront stands the sparkling crystalline composition of Waterline Square. A vibrant mix-use development designed as a subtle and graceful mass, its emphasis on the ambiance of the condensed spaces naturally by absorbing the color of the sky, storm, and sunset.

1 Waterline Square - sheet2
1 Waterline Square - sheet3
1 Waterline Square - sheet1

14. Montagnola Residence

Location: Lugano, Switzerland
Year: 2011 – 2018

The sun’s position, local context, and the southern exposure gave a form to this two rectangular solid mass, situated on a steep hillside in Montagnola, Switzerland on the verge of the Swiss Alps. The transparent loggia acts like a connection as well as the main entrance.

Montagnola Residence - sheet1
Montagnola Residence - sheet3
Montagnola Residence - sheet2

15. Mitikah Office Tower

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2011 – 2014

Mitikah Office Tower rises above a transparent and translucent building base. It further changes to a curtain wall façade made of fritted Low-E glass, maximizing the use of natural daylight throughout the office building while reducing the solar energy intake. It consists of commercial space, low-rise residential buildings.

Mitikah Office Tower - sheet1
Mitikah Office Tower - sheet2
Mitikah Office Tower - sheet3



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