Modernism and modern architecture has redefined the urban fabric and the lifestyle of city dwellers exponentially in the past three decades. With technology and innovation at their peak, the development of buildings and structures has changed considerably. Another crucial factor that has fuelled this phenomenon is the easy access of construction knowledge, techniques and materials that aid in the process of designing these modern day marvels.

Name of the Project:  The Seventy
Studio Name: AND Studio
Project Location: Noida, NCR, India
Date of Completion:  March 2019
Total Plot Area: 10764 Sqft
Built up: 16146 Sqft
Project Type: Residential

©️AND Studio

Located in Noida, a satellite city in the national capital region, this residence is an epitome of elegant modern architecture. With a simple yet enormously posh moving façade, transparent glass walls and wide entrance made of an articulated revolving door, the residence gives you a sense of freedom and class. The see through shell and large balconies create spaces that reach out to the outdoors creating an alluring engagement with the nature. Concrete, glass and wood have been beautifully blended together in this home and sets a subtle and classy aesthetic right from the first look while light animates and constantly changes the visual impact of the space.

As one enters the house, the exquisite design language and ravishing light immediately relaxes the mind and feeds the soul. The vertical gardens envelop the whole house and minimises the overheating effect of the summer sun. The central staircase winding up has been carefully created to give a rich look to the home. It acts like a backbone that gracefully connects all the levels and creates a stunning view in the stairwell. Functions have been very ingeniously fitted into the intermediate areas between the levels. The bedrooms have a subtle colour palette and unique bifurcation of spaces that conceal some elements inconspicuously and yet displays a certain holistic grandeur. They offer a contemporary amalgamation of design styles that makes them all the more exciting and ravishing in the design sensitivity of this modern age.

©️AND Studio

Artistic pendant lights, huge mirrors and fancy hanging elements encapsulate the attention of the viewer in a glimpse. Dwelling further into the design, one can see an elaborate use of pristine Statuario white marble in the lobby areas paired with ambient lighting that give a very calm and tranquil effect to the space. A combination of superior white and exotic brown marbles along with hints of black granite has been used to design the royal bathrooms which are fitted with the best in line state-of-the-art wash closets and basins. A standalone bathtub has been placed in an area in the bathroom that has an intense mosaic art which flows to the adjoining wall, giving the aesthetic of a palace bathing are meant for royalty. Natural light, which is also a predominant element across the whole house, floods in through the kitchen through the enormous glass windows.

This light is reflected off the gorgeous white marble that has been used to design the simple counter slabs and the floor and gives a gorgeous visual appeal to the space while also making it energy efficient, well designed and fully functional. The dining room follows the dramatic visual language and is infused with a feeling for warmth that gives it the potential to be the vessel of lively conversations. A very similar appeal can be seen in the play area with a pool table, which integrates superior white marble and hardwood flooring and is flanked by vertical planters in the background. Outlined by a set of glass partition walls, the triple height living area is the largest and the most flexible space in the whole house as it where the family gets together and interacts.

©️AND Studio

Since architecture is just the background to the human life that goes on within and around it and is critical for maintaining a healthy and peaceful lifestyle of the occupants, this housing is the perfect exemplar of a graceful and efficient space that not only adds value to the lives of the occupants but also nurtures the well-being of anyone who is in the space.

Ar. Love Choudhary

Architecture and Design Studio is a progressive architectural practice with branches spread across New   Delhi,   Milan   and   Vicenza   serving   an ever-expanding  clientele.It  is  the  result  of  his previous  experiences  at firms like Vastu Shilpa Consultants headed by Pritzker Laureate BV Doshi , that has led Love Choudhary to put together a zealous team of individuals with diverse interests and skill set. The strength of the firm lies in its multifaceted profile ranging from utilitarian to modest designs for all the projects they deal with, like contemporary residences, high end villas, penthouses, hotels, institutions, offices, retail design and F&B outlets, some of which are now becoming popular destinations among visitors. Interior design, landscape design and master planning are also part of their portfolio, besides architectural design, which is their forte. They strive to provide unique and specific solutions to every design challenge they are posed, setting new trends in their field of expertise. It is only an extraordinary journey which can beget a destination worthy enough, and hence for AND Studio Delhi, the process of discovering a solution, the journey of reaching the final design holds more importance than the final result. Some of their eminent projects include Hotel Radisson in Lucknow, Hyatt Regency in Dehradun, Sri Ramarchan Mandir in Ayodhya, Cultured Café, IIINC Office and Fab Creations fabric store in New Delhi to name a few.

These projects have been featured in various magazines like Society Interiors, MGS, Restaurants India, Construction and Architecture Update, IFJ etc. His projects have also been showcased at Index Tradefairs 2019. He was an eminent invitee at AD Design Show 2019. Love is a delightful young person for whom learning has never halted. As a person who is deeply invested in his team as not only a leader, but also a friend, he strongly believes in ‘de-stressing’ the workplace to achieve optimum creativity. Put quite aptly by Love, in an Architect’s language, “Every voussoir that constitutes an arch is equally significant as its keystone.” With a team of wide ranged professionals, AND Studio Delhi strives to provide the best of services to their clients’ interests. They adopt an experimental approach to design in order to achieve ingenious and  inventive  ideas.  They  believe  in  establishing a strong relationship with their clients to understand them better. Furthering their own standards in design with each project, teamwork, according to studio AND, is the single most relevant aspect that is most rewarding in terms of progression and holistic growth for everyone.


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