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• The alignment with the surrounding and the incorporation of the street space

• The establishment of a prominent, protruding corner at the intersection [Pastorstraße – driveway of the company premises] that highlights the entrance of the new service building. The view into the garage will be reduced significantly, giving it a technical identity through the merging of the building with the operating trams below.

Architect: Giulia Decorti

Country: Austria 

IVB Office building (2)
IVB Office building (2)

• The planting of a new grove of trees along Pastorstraße will embed the building in a park-like surrounding which aligns with the alley of existing trees along Pastorstraße. The planting will consolidate the diffluent street area.

• The façade is characterized by the vitality of carefully matched shades of colour. The quality criteria for the façade (functionality, aesthetics and liveliness) are developed.


IVB Office building (3)
IVB Office building (3)

TECHNICAL REALISATION: The sustainable, energy-efficient office and operational services building was designed in close interdisciplinary collaboration with the architects Moser & Partner as special planner for the entire technical equipment.

IVB Office building (4)
IVB Office building (4)

Indoor climate concept

  • The indoor climate concept is reduced to the essentials.
  • Making use of available natural resources, such as the groundwater for the cooling, heating and recuperators.
  • Efficient use of stored heat to lower the peak performance of energy provision while heating or cooling (concrete core activation)
  • Induction outlets in the floor for heating, cooling and ventilation make for quick and individual adjustments of the indoor climate.
  • High-quality standard of technical appliances with regards to energy efficiency.
IVB Office building (5)
IVB Office building (5)

This concept reduces investment, operational and maintenance costs. In addition, pollutant emissions that would occur by burning fossil fuels can be omitted.

The dispensing systems were positioned on an axis grid to ensure maximal flexibility for changing users and to make it possible to adapt the indoor layout without rebuilding the system.

IVB Office building (6)
IVB Office building (6)

Lighting concept: The selection of lighting types is based on the space and the photometrical circumstances as well as the user requirements. Exclusively efficiency grade A bulbs are used throughout. The lighting in the offices is supplied through bus bars; these were installed in concrete-faced recesses. The lights along the façade are therefore alterable and subsequent drilling for light suspensions is not necessary.

Photovoltaic system: In addition, a photovoltaic system was implemented for making use of solar energy with a peak performance of 25 kWp. The generated electricity is directly delivered to the public network.

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