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Designed by: Abderrahim Kebbab ” Rouji ” ,  dunes coffee table was the result of expirementation fluid and organic formes , by using the parametric way . After manipulating them several times, the final forme was fixed .

Interior Designer: Rouji

University: Fine Arts School of Algiers, Algeria

Dune Coffee Table (2)
Dune Coffee Table (2)

The result was similar to dunes , this was the idea : saharian dunes . The curves of this piece of furniture rise and fall creating an interesting undulating forms .The sructure in levitation gives an added value ,and  more expression  to the table. The optimal choice for materials was plywood , it materials caracterestics and  flexibility  allowed a better shape manipulation and visuel result  to contrue the main idea .

Dune Coffee Table (3)
Dune Coffee Table (3)

Using plans, 36 individual parts were cut and assembled with glue . The technique of layering is one of the key factors that adds to the expression of the dunes and further beautifies the form .

Dune Coffee Table (7)
Dune Coffee Table (7)

while experimenting with basic geometric shapes and the parametric design process, he took an interest in the silhouette of the dunes and ended up trying to emulate it. albeit influenced by organic and fluid design, he wanted to keep a little geometrical roughness to the design ,this was dunes coffee table.

About the author

Kebbab Abderrahim , Alias Rouji Is an 5th year  student in interior design at the fine arts school of Algiers, Algeria . 25 years old , he is passionate about making forms , shapes and volumes , sculptural and functional , mainly by him self During his studies he could gain work experience as a freelancer , in interior design and industrial design , also as an exhibitor . He seeks himself in design fields by creating inovative ideas and transformed them into prototypes Last but not least  , art and design is everywhere around us, in all shapes and forms. It just takes a good eye to spot it, and a great one to create it.

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