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About Rander: The project of ‘Preparation of Master Plan for Rander Village’ is a part of the initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation to develop around 65 villages engulfed in the urban sprawl of city of Surat. The prime intention of the project is to provide necessary amenities and public facilities to the village keeping intact the identity of the village. Rander is a historic town (included in municipal limit in 1986) which existed even before Surat evolved as a major trading hub. Rander has a distinct culture and lifestyle including rich architectural heritage as well as specific cuisine, sports interest, festivities and occupation. The village … Rather a town of around 50,000 population has kept its identity intact even after 30 years of inclusion in the municipal limit.

First Award | DAF 2016 Awards

Category: Urban Design (Unbuilt)

Participant  Name: Vishal Shah

Team Members:  Prakruti Desai

Country: India

Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (1)
Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (1)

Vision: Re-establishing the identity of historic Rander town as a dynamic urban village.

Design Principle: The basic principle to design is ‘strengthen the connection’ between people and the places they share. The aim is to shape the public realm to maximise the shared values. The motto is to entertain and primarily addresses creative patterns in which public spaces are ‘celebrated’ by people, reflecting their social, cultural and physical identities, thus creating  qualitative public spaces contributing to the community’s happiness, enhancement and well-being.

Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (2)
Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (2)

Design Proposal
The proposal for the Master plan for Rander is titled ‘Re-inventing Rander – An Urban Village’. The proposal attempts to explore the public-ness and the life of the village that exists in its open spaces…. mainly the streets and the nodes. The project identifies the key areas of intervention and networks them as spaces for people. The intervention is done keeping in mind the public behavior as well as the culture and lifestyle of the place, The network of spaces thus created gives a distinct identity to the area reviving the image of Rander as a cultural village. The network of streets and nodes are dotted with parks, parklets, eateries, markets and community facilities; thus facilitating the inhabitants and the visitors with a variety of spaces for day-to-day use as well as for festivities. This network is in continuity to the existing key places where various community and public activities are already taking place, by strengthening the existing connection and establishing new ones helps in revitalizing the entire village.

Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (3)
Re-Inventing Rander- The Historic Urban Village (3)

Celebration of ‘public life’ which is key to the identity of Rander is explored to the fullest while designing, various design elements like the benches, planters and street lights tries to establish a continuum to the architectural style of the place with a contemporary approach. The design attempt doesn’t want to superimpose a new system over the existing cultural set-up but rather provides a container to accommodate and accomplish the modern day village life, thus addressing continuity and change at the same time.

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