Nobody Wants To Watch The PowerPoint Presentation, Scientists Argue. So What Program To Choose.?

Do not strain yourself – even today, even the most interesting presentation will not interest anyone if it is made in PowerPointe. There is even scientific evidence for this.


PowerPoint, the software for making presentations, presented by Microsoft in 1987, has been known for a few years now. It is identified with the useless knowledge sold to university students and the monotony in the offices of large corporations. If you’ve been wondering lately why your PowerPoin presentations are just boring, Harvard researchers have found an answer.


Power Point, with its old-school design and static graphics, is not adapted to the needs of the audience accustomed to moving images.


What is missing from PowerPoint is an interface based on zooming and zooming. It has One of Microsoft’s product competitors – Prezi. Presentations made in this program are more interactive, they allow you to highlight details by zooming in (comparable to Google Maps proximity) and have the option to return to the main presentation points.


The human mind processes information visually, using shapes and colors, but also spatially, with regard to position. That’s why a program that uses zooming and zooming features and high quality animations has a better chance of focusing the audience’s attention and making it memorize our presentation.

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