N.I.T. Bhopal & U.S.A.P. Delhi conversation gets owned by S.P.A. Delhi Comment

An architecture aspirant, who’s getting admission in both the colleges, M.A.N.I.T, Bhopal and  U.S.A.P., Delhi, asked for people’s opinion on social media ‘Which College to join?’ and it seems some people took this question to their ego.

People started replying with USAP Delhi


very soon comments section got full of reply with MANIT


And then the talk starts to get a little dirty


And this,


Until someone replied this


Note: Please don’t start debating on this article, only purpose of this article is to create humor, and not to judge any college or individual. And believe us, this is an exception, most of the time we put only sensible content on this site. :)

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