Fidget Spinner What A Gadget That Sells, Among Others In Warsaw, Talking About Today’s Society?

It was supposed to be a therapeutic toy for children with ADHD. Today, most of the young people are adults, but also adults. Many are looking for him on PornHub. What does the spinner fidget say about today?


Fidget spinner is a small toy made of two or three rotating blades that are connected by plastic or metal. It is held in two fingers, and the third is in rotation. Bearings that are the heart of the gadget make the spider fidget move quite a long spin. Also when it drops, it drops for a long time. With it, you can perform various, sometimes very complicated, tricks. Some even use a few spider fidgets at the same time. The gadget works silently, so it can be used for example at work or at school. At his point, the United States has recently gone mad – both children and adults.


Recently, fashion has also reached Poland. The price of the simplest fidget spinner models ranges between a dozen or so gold. A large part of the toy shops in the country have already sold out all the gadgets.

The owner of a small toy shop in Praga Praga North betrayed in a conversation with the portal Warsaw in the Piglet that for two weeks customers buy only her fidget spinnery and only her last two copies. However, the toy can be ordered easily online.


The popularity of this gadget is so great that in the middle of May ‘fidget spinner’ has become one of the most popular search terms by visitors … PornHub.

Within 10 days, fidget spinner porn was looking for over 2.5 million people. In the meantime, he has also become an inspiration for nail art creators, and some American schools have forbidden to bring toys to school because it distracts students and causes accidents. Also part of the parents are opponents of the gadget, because of the small size of some of the pieces are swallowed by children.

Source: Lens Digital

Originally, the fidget spinner was not meant to be a toy – it was meant to help people with ADHD to focus and work relentlessly. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology in 2015 examined the effect of motor activity on the ability to focus children with ADHD between the ages of 8 and 12. It turned out that those who were allowed to perform motor activity during the exercise had better results. However, a small amount of physical activity helps to focus not only on people with ADHD. As the authors of Fidget to Focus, Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright, it helps to clear the mind of obsessive and unhealthy thoughts.

For many of us, clicking a pen, waving a leg, or tapping a finger on a table is stress-free – a fidget spinner also plays a similar role.

Fidget spinners are the newest national craze

Some people even think that the popularity of gadgets among adults can contribute to the destigmatization of such behavior. On the other hand, it also proves that we are too stressful – otherwise we would not be so eager for a toy that promises to let us relax. Its popularity can therefore speak of one of the greatest problems of today’s society. Because multitasking, FOMO or the cult of success are the most stressful factors that at the same time show the changes of the modern world.

Source: Huffington Post, PE, Warsaw in the Pig, Time, Forbes

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