China Built a Self-Driving Something

Such a solution can ideally be found in medium-sized cities or those where traffic does not catch up with urbanization.

The development of sustainable transport seems to be one of the most important challenges facing modern cities. This extremely complicated issue is conditioned, among others. Through issues of urbanization, ecology and economics. Many metropolises rely on eco-friendly rail transport, but it is very expensive and time consuming. To solve this problem, the Chinese have presented the first tram that does not require tracks. Composition moves in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province and can carry up to 500 passengers.


The Chinese invention is autonomous and the driving direction is read by the sensors located in the tires that read the special belts on the road.


Creators promise speed at 70 kilometers per hour and beating 40 kilometers per load.


Chinese engineers believe that such a solution can ideally be used in medium-sized cities or those where transport is not following urbanization. In Zhuzhou the first painting lines will be created in 2018.

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